cups distributed as
of June 2021


of the cup


boys/girls and men/women
received health education

The CouldYou? Cup.. 100% Medical-grade silicone zero waste (through our partnership with Stericycle) is reusable for 10 years can be used for 12 hrs without emptying


Prior to 2021, CouldYou? partnered with other menstrual cup manufacturing companies to distribute the menstrual cup and provide health education to vulnerable girls.

In 2021, CouldYou? acquired our own CouldYou? Cup mold and began manufacturing at an ISO certfied facility in the United States, and it is 100% medical-grade silicone.

We distribute the CouldYou? menstrual cup to marginalized girls around the world; it is the safest, most economically and environmentally friendly choice for managing one’s period. 

10 yrs

reusable for up
to 10 years

12 hrs

without emptying
the cup


one cup is
only $10

girl with cup togo


  • Cost effective

    • One menstrual cup costs only US$10 and it lasts 10 years! 
  • Better for girl’s health

    • The menstrual cup does not absorb the body’s natural defense mechanisms, rather it allows the body to continue its essential cleansing and protective functions.
    • The medical grade silicon menstrual cups contain no bleaches, deodorizers, absorbency gels or pesticides. They do not cause irritation and are perfectly suitable for women with sensitive skin or allergies.
    • Menstrual cups are comfortable, odorless and leak-proof, and do not have to be removed when using the bathroom.
    • Girls can safely wear them for up to 12 hours without having to change them.
  • Better for the environment

    • The average woman throws away around 240 tampons per year. Unlike pads and tampons, menstrual cups are reusable, eliminating ALL waste and the need to carry bulky spares.


We know that just distributing the cup is not enough; if it’s not accompanied by education then no one will use them and no progress will be made towards a solution. So, what we do when introducing the cup to a new community is:


    • For the whole community, where we introduce the cup and its benefits, as well as address any and all questions and concerns that they may have. 

    • Because menstruation and menstrual health isn’t just a women’s issue and we need to stop treating it as such 
    • Our local representatives tailor the elements of these classes based on the needs of the individual communities.


After being told by our local representatives in Ghana that in rural parts of the country there was a need for consent education, we adapted our classes to add a consent component to these outreaches. Teaching boys and girls the values of self-love and respect, and that you always need consent. 


Furthermore, we create jobs in the communities where we do our work. We employ marginalized women to sew the cotton pouches that each bag is distributed in. Some of the groups we employ are:

  • Transitioning child prostitutes in Uganda

    In partnership with Rahab House.

  • Mothers of severely disabled/ill children in Mozambique.

    In partnership with Equip Mozambique.

  • Girls who have experiences sexual trauma in Mozambique

    In partnership with The Liberty Project.


Naomi is a 30-year-old woman who has had to go through the stress of single parenting without any sustainable income. She is a mother of one and expecting another child soon. She suffered a failed marriage to a drunken husband who has shirked his responsibilities as a husband and a father. Naomi lives with her 62-year-old mother in a single room with 6 younger siblings. She has no permanent job and has to struggle every day to make a living.

She had enrolled in an apprenticeship program to learn sewing but had to abandon it midway because she had no source of income to feed herself. Global Youth Support met Naomi, identified her needs and with support from CouldYou? she has been equipped with a modern electronic sewing machine and materials to sew menstrual cup carrier bags.

She will eventually own the sewing machine and can now make a living in a sustainable manner. Naomi had made several failed attempts over the past 3 years to save money to buy a sewing machine for herself. The delivery of the sewing machine in her own words “… is a dream come true.” Now, Naomi has the opportunity to perfect her trade as a seamstress and make a sustainable living; thanks to Global Youth Support and CouldYou?

The menstrual cups are not only enhancing the lives of its users. It is also empowering young women in rural communities to be active participants in their own development to contribute meaningfully to meeting family needs and to the development of their communities.